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'Matt has been teaching me for a little over 7 years and my guitar playing has developed significantly during this time. He is an excellent teacher and a talented musician. Learning the guitar with Matt is tremendous fun and he continues to push both the practical and the theory, whilst remaining supportive and patient. The music we play is the stuff I love and that in itself helps to inspire my playing and practice. Matt has knowledge and enthusiasm in abundance and is always willing advise on equipment and set-up. During the Covid lockdown, Matt has switched to teaching virtually and this has been a revelation. Lessons are just as productive as before, but the quality of the streaming, the video tutorials which can be downloaded, and music instruction have taken the lessons to a new level. The virtual experience is excellent and I thoroughly recommend any one to give it a go. I cannot praise Matt more highly as a first class teacher.'

Chris Rackcliffe

'I started having guitar lessons with Matt some 15 years ago - my guitar playing was going nowhere.  I needed guidance to get out of a rut & develop my playing and a confidence boost to get out and do things, to play in public. 

I didn't really want to go down the music theory route - so we didn't except when I asked. 

I learnt a bit about acoustic finger picking, some interesting jazz chords; I learnt about classic rock stuff and a bit of blues; I learnt about punk; 

I learnt about amps and effects, even a little about mixing. I learned about setting up and looking after guitars. And we did this at my pace.

Now I play in three bands and I've played all over Kent. I have got 2 EP's out - some of which I wrote - and we've had plenty of radio play, even a live session on BBC Radio Kent. 

I'm now in my sixties and I'm still learning!  I am not the most talented musician  - far from it - but I've wildly exceeded what I ever thought I could do and had a huge amount of fun along the way and that all stems from getting a tutor who could take me forward on my terms and at my speed.  Thanks Matt!'

Nigel Bent

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'We have found a rare gem in Matt and have been so pleased with the progress our son has made even though he only started remotely a short while ago.  Matt has a fantastic easy-going manner and lessons are a great mix of hard work and encouragement.  We have also loved having videos sent to us when needed as well, helping our son develop great habits from the start.  I'd highly recommend!'

Jessica Brieley:

Son, Caleb

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David Mann

'I have been working with Matt weekly for about 13 years. He's a great guitar teacher. Very encouraging, great sense of humour and full of ideas on how to improve my playing. In recent years I have been playing and recording my own songs via his recording equipment with really professional results. Great teacher!'

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'Matt has taught my son (9 years old) online over the past year. The progress he has made has been amazing. Matt’s enthusiasm for guitar is infectious and his teaching consists of a perfect balance between skills progression and fun. He also has huge amounts of patience which is a bonus!  Matt’s own playing is inspirational and at the end of every lesson, our son can’t wait to try out what he has just heard (Matt is also happy to send clips to aid practice and keep up momentum during the week). He has a vast amount of musical knowledge and I would recommend him to all levels of player through to the most advanced.'

Greg Bowyer-Sidwell: Son, James

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Matt has given lessons to Louie for the last 9 years. Matt is an excellent teacher who obviously loves what he does. His approach is friendly and enthusiastic. He has been able to help Louie with every aspect of music, from playing and setting up his guitar and amps, to configuration of his Production software. Matt has always made lessons fun and has given positive and helpful feedback.

The online teaching environment that Matt has invested in is excellent. In many respects it gives a better experience than a face-to-face lesson. We were very lucky to come across Matt when looking for Louie’s first teacher. Louie will be starting a music A-Level next year and hopes to study music at University. Matt has helped inspire Louie’s love of playing and creating music. We would not hesitate in recommending Matt.

Mark Slavik

'Matt has been teaching our family guitar for over 10 years. His breadth of knowledge and skill is adaptable to all stages of playing and his friendly, laid back but professional approach puts us at ease and makes us feel supported even at the more challenging stages of learning. The transition to online lessons during the Covid-19 lockdowns has been brilliantly handled. His tech set up is really well thought through and adds to the lesson rather than detracts. In particular, the short tutorial films which Matt sends over afterwards are invaluable as a reference back to the lesson. Perhaps to our surprise, we’re all more than happy to stay online. I certainly won’t miss the weekly waits in the car outside Matt’s house whilst one of the boys has a lesson!'

Ben Parker

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